The Emotional Wholeness Guide

The Emotional Wholeness Guide

Have you ever wondered what makes emotionally intelligent people different than the average person? You may be surprised by the answer....

The Emotional Wholeness Guide is an easy-to-follow process that will walk you through practical steps to unlock emotional wholeness.

This course will give you clarity for what creates your inner dialogue and how to change it for the better.

This is designed for people who:

  • Have a desire to become more self-confident and less insecure. 

  • Don't feel content in life but aren't sure how to change.

  • Need practical tools they can use to actually see a change in life.

  • Believe there has to be a better way to manage their emotions but aren't sure how to go about it. 

  • Want to grow in emotional intelligence but are tired of paying over-the-top prices for other courses.

Don't you want to know how emotionally whole people navigate life?

It doesn't have to be a mystery

Discover the "why"

In order to grow as a person, you first have to understand why you do what you do. The way you emotionally process life isn't by accident. 

Identify the "How"

We’ll unpack how you create your internal world. Then learn the steps you need to take to change so it helps instead of hurts you.

Specific Examples you can use

Learning something new doesn’t benefit you unless there’s a way you can use it in life. Each lesson will have detailed examples you can instantly apply to your life.

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Take Action Now - What Do You Have to Lose?

You can join the ranks of emotionally whole people for less than two drinks at Starbucks!

Here's Just some of what you get

Quality Content

You'll get more than two hours of video teaching, a PDF for each lesson full of detailed topic breakdown and examples

practical tools

Every lesson has several tools you can immediately integrate and begin to see change.

Live Help

Instant messaging access. Anytime you are lost or need help, you can click the button in the corner and talk to me.

Access Anywhere

You get instant lifetime access to all videos, PDFs, and examples which you can download for your convenience.

time management report

As a bonus, you'll get 85 tips you can instantly apply to refine and maximize how you spend each day.

Book for free

I'm also including a free ebook Little Things Matter - 100 Ways to Improve Your Life Today by Todd Smith. 

Josh explained topics of emotional health in a way I could understand and gave me tools I actually tried. Not only that but when I tried them I was shocked by the change I felt internally.
- John 

To set you up for emotional breakthrough you'll get

6 Powerful Learning Modules

Learn about the seven types of journals you can keep and how to use each effectively.

Understand how the experiences and environments we grew up with mold our inner dialogue

Walk through a simple-to-follow process to identify subconscious unhealthy cycles and reverse engineer them.

Not all risk is the same. Learn how to risk in a way that moves you towards healthy instead of anxiety.

Get strategic feedback that creates change by positioning your heart and asking the right questions.

Discover how to solidify all five lessons by making one decision that's not too common.

Success is built by making several small investments and wise decisions over an extended period of time.

Make this one of those investments. It will have a lasting ripple effect for you moving forward.

Remember, This is what you're getting for your investment...

The Emotional Health Guide

Over 2 hours of teachings on emotional wholeness, five PDFs and instant lifetime access to all content. 

Free Time Management Report

Get 85 tips you can use to improve how you manage your time. 

Free Book - Little Things Matter

by Todd Smith. 100 Ways to Improve Your Life Today. Todd is in the top .001% of his industry.

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Now's the time to take action

If You want real change.

At the end of the day, the time and effort you invest are all up to YOU.

I am simply here to equip you and help move you closer to living emotionally whole. 

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